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    We downloaded and made our first trip yesterday using Navigation App (MapFactor) version 1.0.0on a Samsung S III. I am trying to find out how to get the spoken instructions repeated while driving.  Also how to delete a place out of the recent destinations.  And where are the instructions/help files?

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  • Hi DocMike,
    we have no feature to repeat last spoken instruction.
    To delete search result, click it and select Remove from list.
    Manual is here:
  • Tomas,

    Thank you for the information and the site for the Manual... that is one big Manual.

    I have some reading to do.

    Any helpful hints will be appreciated. 

  • GETTING NOWHERE (figuratively speaking) using MapFactor on the Tesco Hudl.
    In the Search box it recognizes Postcodes but not cities such as Norwich or London.
    From the Postcode I tap 'Navigate' as per the instructions, and it comes back with ''You have to set a destination first'"!
    So, I set it as Destination and all I get is a blank screen with a red dot on it (presumably my Destination), but no map - just the co-ordinates in the bottom panel, and no reaction when I tap the middle and right panels.
    What is going on here?
  • go to Map manager/download maps and download UK map, you have downloaded postcodes only
  • Did that, situation as before - doesn't recognise London, just Postcodes, and still no map
  • please email log files located in folder navigator/log

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