voice prompt bug, or by design?
  • Voice prompt issue


    When using Start: 37°55'38.3"S, 145°13'36.6"E and End: 37°55'10.8"S, 145°12'53.4"E, the voice prompt says "go straight" until I've passed the motorway underneath. Its only when I've almost crossed it does the voice prompt change to "turn right". By then, I'm in the wrong lane as I've not looked at the screen, but followed the voice prompts.

    Its almost as if the logic for the voice prompts is not looking far enough ahead when it decides what directions to give.

    Btw, this is just one example, this happens in several locations, making voice prompts difficult to utilize.


    Is this something that can be fixed?  (Navigator PC Free, 12.4)



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  • I never used only voice prompts when navigating, also not with TomTom or Navigon Navigator. I accept, that for more or less complex crossings, I have to use the map picture and / or the direction arrow (Android version left lower corner) and / or the statement of distance (in that corner).
  • No, this issue also occours at "simple" T-junctions. Voice prompts still says go straight until I'm "in" the t-junction itself.


  • My impression is, that in some newer version a couple of weeks ago, the voice prompt was some meters before the junction. At least some seconds earlier, that voice prompts in earlier version of the software at that time?
  • Car PC is running Navigator 12.4 (Windows version) and has the (late) voice prompt issue.


  • Here's another problem with the voice prompts:

    Start: 33'49'42.6"S, 151'12'22.6"E
    End: 33'49'44.9"S 151'12'37.5"E

    Voice says to bear left @ miller street. This is wrong, it should be go straight ahead.


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