No Map Found...Install some maps first!
  • I am trying to experience the Navigator Free program.  I downloaded it onto my laptop with windows and when I try to open it I get a screen that simply says...No map found install some maps first!    The application will now exit.   I have downloaded a pa map from the site osm.pdf and can't find where to locate it and if I should remove the .pd from the file name.

    I am a newbie but love to tinker with this kind of stuff...Anxious to get started.  Guide me oh wise ones!

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  • you need to open Setup utilities (start/programs/navigator 12) and use that to download maps
  • Navigator 12 was downloaded at the same time as Navigator Free and I can't get into the Nav12 unless I have a purchased code.  I do notice that the Nav Free flashes passed a window that may have the setup utility on it but goes to the screen that states No maps found.  Install some maps first.  The application will now exit.  Such a tease!  What else ya got!  Is there a location(file) I can place the .osm file so it will see it?
  • I found the setup file you were speaking about and downloaded the maps through that and it did the trick.  Thanks.
  • can you post a link please neil

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