GPS tracking of driven routes
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    I´m looking for an offline navigation app for Android. The Navigator looks interesting.
    In order to do without an additional app like "my tracks" (Google) I wonder whether it is possible to track driven routes via GPS ? 

    thanks and regard,
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  • I've used the free Android version for keeping a tracklog of walks I've taken.  I haven't tried it in a vehicle. Most of the menu items are intuitive.  The only problem I had was finding the icon to save a PlaceMark.  It's the STAR.
  • How did you track your walks? By manually setting place marks ? Or is there a GPS tracking (path) implemented in the app ?

    thanks and regards
  • There is tool available to track your current route, even in GPX format. This will set the place marks automatically, you can set it how often. I just never tried it, so I cannot tell whether it works well or not :-)
  • navigator automatically wrote a tracklog of waypoints into a nmea file in its nmea folder.  The waypoints were recorded too frequently for easy use with the other software I have for measuring.  I must have had the wrong settings on my tablet.  

    Does navigator have settings to control how often placemarks are saved?  Am I getting too many because it expects me to move faster (in a vehicle vs walking)?

    While it was tracking, I used the STAR icon to set placemarks at selected locations.

    I use my other software to give me the speed that I was walking between any two waypoints and the distance along the tracklog that I had walked.

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