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  • Hi,

    New to this forum ... using MapFactor Navigartor for a few weeks now and think its great. I have one question at the moment ...

    I find that when using the UK day colour scheme, it is more or less impossible to distinguish between motorways and my route which both appear blue. I've resolved this by using the Europe day mode but would really like to the use the UK colour scheme but have my route appear in a different colour.

    Is this as at all possible?

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  • Hi,

    I agree with Degs. I often get confused on Navigator when approaching large motorway roundabouts. A more distinctive colour for the route would help a lot. I am using Android on Nexus 7.

    I have been looking at Osmand. It is not nearly as polished as Navigator, particularly in Search and vehicle speed profiles. Osmand's route is very clear. On long journeys I have been running both Navigator and Osmand, keeping the sound off in Osmand. I swop to Osmand when approaching a motorway roundabout. Bit fiddly.

    I will try Navigator with Europe day colours. The route is looks great. The road colours look a bit alien and potentially confusing.

    It would be graat to have UK map colours and a distinctive route. Is this possible?


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