Help/advice fixing OpenStreetMap so that Navigator doesn't select a strange and unnecessary route.
  • See this map, using UK OSM 201311240 (on Android – Navigator v1.0.35), if you plot a route from Stainland Road (B6112) at the bottom to Huddersfield Road (A629) at the top, instead of going straight across the mini-roundabout onto the slip road to the A629, it turns sharp right onto the A6026 and then sharp left onto the A629. This is not only a strange and unnecessary diversion, but the left turn would probably be almost impossible – possibly even dangerous – for large vehicles, as it is a very sharp turn onto a very busy road.

    I tried fixing this problem several months ago, by removing any ambiguity about the one-way nature of the slip roads between the mini-roundabout and the A629, but it hasn't made any difference. I'm not sure what else I can do to edit the map to make MapFactor pick the sensible (straight ahead) route, so any advice or help would be appreciated.
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  • Hi, for me, with default car, route goes straight to Huddersfield Rd, not through Elland Wood Bottom.
    It could be that you set your vehicle profile incorrectly - to get back to default, close Navigator and delete file vehicle_profiles.xml (teke backup if you want)
  • Hi Tomas. Yes, that's fixed it, thanks. Although it's hard to imagine any configuration where the route I was getting would be preferable.
  • By the way: am I not being offered the update to 1.0.48 in Google Play because of the version of Android I'm on (2.3.6)?

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