American vs. UK idioms
  • Using version 1.0.0, I have my language choice set to "System Default", which in my case is US English. The app, however, uses UK idioms. For example, it told me to take the "slip road" and I have no idea what that was. It didn't take me long to figure out that the equivalent US term is "exit ramp", but it would be nice if there were a US English vocabulary.
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  • Jerry totally agree. I had to smile at sip road and straight way??
  • This is something we will hopefully look into soon :-)
  • I thought that was funny initially, but I love the accent and after a couple of ramps it makes perfect sense to me (I speak German, French, and Spanish, as well and that's how I say the phrase, "take the exit ramp and continue straight." I've watched too much BBC to not appreciate the Queen's English. :->)
    I must admit I did have to change to metric to miles because USA is so stuck in those archaic units and I hate converting in my head.
  • I also have notice a big real life difference in American and British idioms, here is the few word differences:

    British English -     American English
    accommodation -   accommodations
    action replay -     instant replay
    aerofoil -           airfoil
    aeroplane -           airplane
    agony aunt -          advice columnist

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