Wayteq x820 GPS and NavFree
  • Hello!
    I have a Wayteq x820 gps with WinCE 6.
    I attached my PC via USB, and installed the Navfree app to my GPS.
    Was successful. And installed the maps. Successful.
    But I can't run the app.
    In the settings I must choose the navig app. And the only choice is the factory default: IGO MyWay. I can't move in the directory structure, so I can't browse the NavFree app.
    How can I run the app?

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  • navfree is not our product
  • Navfree = mapfactor navigator free edition

    navfree is not our product
  • The only thing you can do is rename the Navigator application the same as the iGo app and copy it to the same folder.

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