Speed camera change or bug?
  • Hello,

    I have installed new uptade for map and speed camera (i am in switzerland) iam not sure but now, i cannot see speedcamera on switzerland, (i have tried in Italy and it's working) with the old navigator (before update) speed camera is visible in switzerlan, this is an uptade error or this is normal?

    I have ried to reinstall all navigator free 12 but no changes, speed camera are not visible in  switzerland. how can i make it visible.

    and updating speed camera is very hard, need to make 2-3 update try for update working, i have a copy message error from the updater.

    (Sorry for my very bad spelling ^^)

    Thanks in advance for answer.

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  • speed cameras are illegal in Switzerland

  • This is not an answer, i have Worldwide GPS Radar POI in my Tom Tom navigator and this is not legal,

    Is not legal to have it but not to provide, mapfactor can provide this database,

    there are 1 to 2 years ago the database is fully working in switzerland, if i have choose mapfactof navigator, it is the only GPS navigator working correctly on a laptop and have a speed camera database.

    thank you to make the Swiss is again available in the speed camera database

    For the moment, i download it at SCDB website.
  • we can provide it if you want, just let me know

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