Adding an Address to a Route
  • Navigator Free, Version 11.

    As per "Setting Your Destination" in the Manual, I try to type an address into the "Find and Navigate" box. The address I type overwrites what's in the search box (as advertised), but how do I get that address into the route? The "Use This" button disappears as soon as I begin to enter new information.

    Also, does it matter on which line of the "Find and Navigate" box I type?

    Thanks very much for any help.

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  • You can't overwrite directly. Point "country" (in top-line) and choose. Then you can choose Town, Street etc. by using the keyboard for each step. After all of that six icons appear. There you can choose, what to do with your new selection (Navigate, Start, Waypoint...).

    The Lines normally show you your last choice. Begin to change from top, if you want different. Your will find your last choices pointing the little clock with lines right of the first line.

  • Thanks, hurdygurdyman. I'm going to have to play with this some more.

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