Pocket Navigator Free 11 on WM6.5
  • I have a Touch Pro 2 with about 165 MB Device free storage and 90 MB Device free program storage and installed Navigator Free 11 on my SD card.
    The Navigator itself was installed successfully to the standard folder /Storage Card/Program files/Pocket Navigator 11.
    The maps I installed to the subdirectory .../Pocket Navigator 11/Mapsdata.
    I can execute the program but I do not see any maps only the light blue background. Somehow the connection between program and maps does not want to work. Once I installed the maps directly at the Pocket Navigator 11-directory but I got the same problem.
    Pocket Navigator Free 10 I always installed in the same way, but I never had a problem.

    Nevertheless thanks for this amazing free software.
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  • Hi summerjam, is it possible that you installed maps for v10? These would not be seen by v11.
  • Hi tomas, unfortunately not. I installed the maps with the installation software of version 11.0.15. Perhaps I have to reinstall Windows Mobile in order to change registry entries done by the old version 10.

    Or can I check and change at a file where the maps are located.
    Thanks a lot.

  • under wm6.5 navigator searches storage for map data, so windows  reinstallation would not help.
    may be you did not switch to Navigator FREE? See settings/maps.

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