Navigator 12 to old ?
  • Again a problem , if i download new maps , it says maps are newer then the apllication !
    Is there a new version of Navigator 12 ?
    If yes , why isn't my installer updating ?

    So now i have 2 functioning navigationsystems , but newer maps will not work !!

    I have a cartrek 1500pro and a cartrek 600 both work fine and are fully updated !
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  • Current version is 12.1.10. You may have to download newest setup installer, install it and under settings select "Early maps access".

    If you already have newest setup utility just tick that option under settings.



  • I have setup installer 12.05 but what ever i do it won't work !
    Was there a update for the installer ?
    Where can i get that ?
    If i download the installer i keep getting 12.05.???
  • Installer 12.05 is ok, that's what I have too. Install it and then install application from it. When I do that with the 12.05 installer it installs Navigator 12.1.10 at least on my XP-PC and on my WIN-CE navigator.

    So I don't know what you are doing wrong.


  • I found out what was the problem , i have 2 computers one of them has a problem with the installer ,the other one does not.

    I took the other computer ( a small netbook) did the same install and everything works fine.

    There probebly is a problem with my  laptop  !

    Now everything works again ! 

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