remove custom POIs from screen
  • First of all I wanted to say how amazed I am at this FREE navigation software.

    But now for my question:
    I found another thread explaining how to convert GPX tracks to an MCA file. 
    When i click on the map in the general area and click the search icon -> imports I can see my overlay (motor cycle routes)

    How can i remove them from my map again. There are a about 5 or six routes in there and I'd like to try all of them but now they can only be shown and not hidden.

    Or am I missing something?


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  • just delete unwanted .mca files when Navigator is closed
  • Hello,

    I would import the tracks to the PC-version of MF and define starting- and destination-point and between them enough waypoints that the calculated routing-line and track-line are identical. Save the route in "My routes" and export the file to the PNA. 


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