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  • How do I use door-to-door navigation? Last night I was out and about, and I wanted to navigate to a specific address. I first tried clicking the address on my meeting reminder, and choosing "Navigator" for the application, but that just showed a general map. I tried typing in the address, but could only put state, city, county, and street - NO street number. The information on GooglePlay says I should be able to do door-to-door navigation, which to me means I can navigate from my house (or some other address) to some address (complete with street number). Or is door-to-door only available with the paid maps?
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  • when street numbers are available in the map data then you can search for it, for example New York/Manhattan/5th Avenue.
    Unfortunately house numbers are frequently missing in free maps, but are available in TomTom maps.
    Free maps are created by volunteers at - anybody can join and help to make maps better using their local knowledge.
    You can also use the built-in Google search, fourth tab in Search.

    you can download manual here:
  • Thank you, that is what I thought - just wanted to make sure.
  • The URL is not for the same version of NavFree that is on GooglePlay (or at least, not the same version *I* have). The instructions are useless.
  • it is a little out of date, but I would not call it useless
  • Hello,

    if I have a door-to-door-navigation with MF I use coordinates that I get from You can also edit these coordinates on that site and download them as gpx-file and import with diggerQT to MF.

  • @frisian: You better should update the OSM maps instead of using coordinates to navigate.
    If you don't want to register on you can send me the numbers per pn so I can update it.
  • Hello,

    I' m registered on When I have the time I update housenumbers and mistakes that I have seen during travelling.


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