Mapfactor chooses parallel road instead of highway
  • Hi, I noticed something weird in MapFactor using the OSM.

    When driving from Antwerp to the border with the Netherlands, along the A12 highway, there is a traffic junction, called Zandvliet, where MapFactor chooses to leave the A12 and take a parallel road. Yet, at the end of the parallel road it merges again with the A12. Following the A12 would be a much more logical and fast alternative here.

    I looked at the OSM, but as a newbie in editing, I can't find anything wrong.
    This is the traffic junction:
    The error happens just on the junction where "Zandvliet" is written in black in this screendump.

    Can anybody see why this happens and how to correct it?

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  • without knowing all details, my guess is that motorway has speed limit and side road does not, which, in theory, would make side road faster
  • Indeed you are right!
    No speed limits were set for the side road and as far as I can tell it has the same speed limit as the highway, albeit only one lane, so in theory it could actually be faster.
    I updated the parallel roads speed limits in OSM, so it should be in the next update. :)

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