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  • Hi Guys (and girls?),

    i just bought a double din navigation unit for my car including the free navigation. It works very well except for one thing.
    The spoken dutch voice is truly horrible and completely not understandable.
    Is there any way i can change to some proper spoken files?
    Been searching the internet for it and cannot find anything for that.
    If neccesary i am even willing to record my own voice and use that because the delivered files are absolutely terrible ;-)
    I am using version 12.0.5 free.
    Anybody knows how to change the spoken files or if (or better where) you can download other(better) files?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  • There are two dutch voices: One is computer synthesized and that's what i think you mean. Then there is another natural female voice wich is nice and it should show up under Nederlands Mapfactor. When I newly installed the app it was'n there so i copied it from my old backup in the maps directory (sounds_nl.mca).

    Must be a bug.

  • Yes the synthesized is the terrible one. Now i have finally installed the 12.0.5 free version on my SD so i do have to try it first, hopefully the female voice in there.
    I'll get back to you on that later.
  • OK version 12.0.5 seems to be working but in the wrong place on the SD card. N problem, version 11 is also ok.
    But how do i change the voice, i can't find the option to change the voice.
  • How can i change the voices in 11?

  • OK meanwhile i found them but can somebody tells me which lady did the voices?

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