convert mca files
  • Is there a way of converting my mca files to another format ?
    When we are touring I save my motorhome location each night. This is so that I can return to any location again in the future.
    I also like to be able to see them on other maps.
    I would like to be able to convert to csv (for spreadsheet use) and kml (for google earth use)
    Can anyone advise me if this is possible.
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  • your locations are not in .mca, but in favourites.xml
    lat/long are in miliseconds
  • Thomas, you stated, "lat/long are in miliseconds "
    Maybe this info could be added to the user guide :)
  • Hello,
    id : Is there a way of converting my mca files to another format ? (csv)

    I know digger for csv->mca
    but I want mca-> csv (for editing speedcam for ex.)
    I also know that I can do other file speedcam... but I prefer to edit cameraspeed.mca...


    PS : in PC version, there is no favourites.xml, only in phone version
    where are stored favorites in PC version ?

  • what do you call 'my mca files'?
    source for imported mca files you already have

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