Minor modification proposals for better/easier usablity
  • Hi all,
    I just downloaded the free version and installed it on my carputer (w7 32bit dual atom, mimo 7" touch).
    when opening the menu, there are buttons for more than one screen, but the tiny little buttons at the bottom of the screen are impossible to touch in a way that the second screen with buttons is displayed. Might make sense to have a right/left navigation if more than one screen full of buttons is needed.
    I would appreciate a delete destination button in the destination entry.
    Otherwise good application. intending to upgrade to bought version and integrate it in CF4. Is there any plugin planned for CF4?
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  • you can swipe if you have a touch screen
  • I would also like to see a "delete destination" button.
  • go to route info, click on destination (or any other waypoint) and select delete

  • swipe on a resistive touch ;-) at least on the mimo 720 S this does not work

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