No alert Sounds for speed cameras / warnings
  • I think this is an issue with windows 8 as it worked fine on a windows 7 machine but nothing on windows 8.

    When I try and set / preview the sounds no sounds can be heard.

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  • Sorry had posted this to the wrong section, have now moved it to bugs.
  • I've got the same issue with version 1.0.0 on Android (Galaxy S2). I've got everythiing installed on the external SD card, and also created a navigator folder on the internal SD card and put the warningsounds folder and content there too, but I get no camera warning sounds (I can see them on the map). All the right checkboxes are ticked in Camera settings and I've got camerlight and cameraspeed ticked too. Please help or I'm going to uninstall and try some other app.
  • try to delete sounds (map manager/delete maps) and download them again
  • Hi Tomas,

    I have tried that and it hasn't fixed the problem. Any other ideas?

  • jonathana13
    sorry, my advice was for epumford, I have no idea which version you have
  • Sorry Tomas, I am using the latest windows version.

  • Hi Tomas,

    I tried that and it didn't work.

    I've deleted everything and re-installed everything on the internal card and the camera sounds still don't work.

    Any other suggestions?

  • FYI I've fixed this by turning on the speed sounds, though I don't really want these on.

    Any chance this can be fixed in the next update?




  • FYI Part 2....... I've managed to turn off the speed warning sounds by deleting the the scout_default.wav sound file out of navigator/warningsounds folder. So now my camera warning sounds work and I don't get annoyed by the "Over the speed limit" warning sound. Hurrah!

  • I have just been trying to get this working again, still no alert sounds on windows 8.

    Any sugestions?


  • I have finally found the cause of this now just need to find the fix.

    Its related to the voice I select, if I choose "Windows Default Voice" doesn't work. If I select one of the others sounds work fine.

    Any ideas?


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