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  • Hi all.
    12.1.0 on Pocket PC.
    If I set the routing mode "più economico" (
    cheapest) the Navigator continues to offer me the toll roads.
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  • Hello,

    You have to edit Your car first. In the default settings toll roads are probably allowed. Therefore open the menu then "settings" of the programm from the next list open "navigation". In the following list should be the point "vehicle type". Here You are able to edit Your car. Open "road restriction" with a list of at the moment allowed road types and disable toll road. I would then close the programm and start it again. If it works I do not know. Here we have not the problem with toll roads. The routing mode "cheapest" means probably that the fuel consumption of Your car is lower if you choose that option.


  • Thanks for the reply.
    Of course this choice is very complicated: all navigation software that I used made ​​it possible to quickly choose to temporarily exclude toll roads.
  • Hello,

    I found a second way to maybe avoid toll roads. Just click in the map on the toll road and a pop up menu will show up with different options for that click point(starting point, end point, between target, information, road block, favorites). You could block the toll roads so for future route calculations.  


  • Thanks.
    I will try it as soon as possible.
  • That method assumes you know where the toll roads are.

    Cheaptest /Fastest is normally for road selection, not tolls. Best if there's an option to avoid toll or not in the routing screen. TomTom usually calculates the route, and gives warning "Route contains toll road, avoid: Yes / No". Much quicker and better than having to change the car setup each time.


  • Hello,

    You could also simply edit two type of cars, one with toll roads allowed and a second on with toll roads disabled. So You only have to change  between them before You start. If the botton for changing the type of vehicle is shown on the main menu that are only three clicks. 
  • Thank you.
    But it remains a complex way.
  • @Frisian: If you're making the software for users, then as a user, the current way is frustrating, complicated and non-intuitive :)

    I think Navigator is great product in many ways, mostly because it supports the usage of free OSM maps, but the GUI could do with a few changes...



  • @johnjore:I'm also only a user of Navigator Free and not writing this programm. You should maybe keep in mind this programm and maps are free. So if You are missing features You are probably better hold on to one of the major brands and pay for software and map updates. 
  • Gentleman, I think that you want almost impossible - to correctly calculate the cheapest route, we would need toll prices, that of course assumes that toll roads are defined in the map data. Cheapest simply does not mean avoiding toll roads.
  • @frisian: What major brand has a Windows version? (Sygic and ?)

    I'd buy the Mapfactor, if they had Australia maps, and their integration with 3rd party front-ends was a little better :(


    @tomas: I'd be more than happy with a simple "avoid toll" question when routing the route.

    To me, cheapest / fastestes is more about how many KM to drive. Fast highways, but longer, or slow backstreets but Shorter.



  • Could someone please help me with the USA road restriction settings? What is the setting for a major interstate highway like route 80? Motorway? Major road?
    Should it be set at 75%? 100%? Should I turn off local road?
    Seems my directions take me on the major highway for a portion of the trip, then has me using secondary roads. Thank You.
  • motorway = interstate
    I would advice everybody to leave it in default
    may be you can provide departure and destination, so that we can check
  • Thank You Tomas. I will set it back to the default settings and see.
    One other thing. My free Navigator now does not work. Dialog box comes up stating "files are read-only because of a recent upgrade to 4.4 or higher". What can I do to get it to work?
  • close Navigator and delete data in Android settings/application manager/Navigator - then reboot your phone
    please backup first
  • That worked Tomas. Thanks so much for your help.

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