Name of next street to turn to and lane destinations
  • Hi all,

    I don't think MapFactor is able to tell the name of the next street to go, or the destination of lanes in a motorway entrance. For instance, if the next turn is from 'High Street', where I am (shown on the bottom) to Example Road on the right, I'd like to see 'Example Road' somewhere. More importantly, if I'm getting into the motorway through a complicated junction, I'd like to see that I have to take M1 to South/London, so that I don't risk to take it toward North/Cambridge, or even to take another motorway. Obviously making such a mistake on a motorway can extend your journey by many miles.

    I'm not sure this feature is the same as this one, to me what I'm talking about is a bit simpler than showing destinations on lanes, I only mean displaying the name of the topographical entity where to go next. Lacking both features can make things rather complicated in junctions like this.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • This might also have something to do with the voice saying "Go straight ahead", but the arrow on the GUI shows a right turn. Nedless to say, that does cause a bit of confusion and a few missed turns...

    Could this be related to the mapping of the small stretch of road used to cross the intersection to get to the one-way going right?

    GUI shows the next 50m of road, but the voice and streetname only reflects the next section (20m) of road, missing the "big picture" of what's going to happen.

    Or I could be very wrong...


  • Hi John,

    I don't see such a behaviour on my Samsung Note 1, it isn't making a mistake, it just lacks the important feature of showing the name of the place where I should go next.

  • My bad, I use Navigator Free. I see this issue "a lot" there :(
  • Hello,

    maybe You get the "big picture" if You simply disable the autozoom function during navigation. 

  • No, not sure that makes much sense as the issue is not the GUI, but the voice. The GUI shows the right turn, but the voice says "Go straight ahead" (or something like that)



  • Hi jj, can you please provide example where it happens. Thanks
  • Take this (Chemnitz, Autobahnauffahrt Chemnitz Süd): 

    When going on Neefestraße, the voice says "turn left", when you would just exspect to stay on Neefestraße ("go straight on") on the first entrance to A (Autobahn) 72 direction north; entrance to A 72 direction South announcement is ok ("turn right") as is the announcement just before the exit to Neefestraße, there voice announces "stay straight on". But it is basically the same situation as before staying on Neefestraße, where it says "turn left".

    (Image here has been lost somehow)

    Somewhere in the western part of Germany same thing happend also last weekend, but I don't remember the location.

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