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  • Hi
    I've just installed Navigator 12.01 Free on my WinCE PND to replace the TomTom7 that was there previously. Everything seems to be working and thats great.
    I would like to use a different english voice to those in the standard install and saw in a post awhile ago that Mapfactor Lotta could be used. This is present in the choices available in my WinXP pc installation but not in the WinCE one, so I put the 'voices' folder from there into the WinCE installation to replace the existing.
    When I select the language/voice on the PND now, some of the 'extra' choices have disappeared, including Lotta.
    Is this a WinCE problem and is there a fix, please?
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  • Hi. Does anybody know the answer to this, please?
  • Hi HarryB, sound files are the same on all our Navigation software. I do not understand what do you mean by 'extra choices' disappeared, may be you deleted some files?
  • Hi On my pc installation (12.07 ) when I goto menu\settings\application\language and select 'english' the next screen gives me many choices including 'mapfactor Lotta'. This works if selected. If I install pocket navigator to my WinCE device SD card using Mapfactor Installer ( this installs 12.10 ) and then go through the language selection written above, the choice 'mapfactor Lotta' is not present in the list. The only english choice is 'synthesized english'. If I then replace the 'espeak-data' folder in the WinCE SD card with the 'espeak-data' folder in the pc installation, the 'mapfactor Lotta' choice is not present although it was on the pc. The file count and sizes seem the same on both installations, I hope my explanation is clear. Why is this? Thanks for any help.
  • sounds do not go to espeak folder, I think they are where your maps are
  • OK Tomas, I made a wrong guess at the files needed. Thanks.
    I've found 'sounds_en.mca' and
    'sounds_xx_signal.mca' in the pc version, they are not present in the WinCE version. I've added these files and 'mapfactorLotta now appears.

    Thanks for your help.

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