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  • Hello,

    When I enter multiple routingpoints (waypoints) there is a button named Optimise. I see no difference when pressing that button. Will it work only in the commercial release, I use the free version with openstreetmaps.

    I am very pleased with Free navigator.

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  • it depends how you enter your waypoints - if they are already in optimal order, then nothing happens, otherwise waypoints wil be reorganised
  • Sorry for reacting so late. I think I have found out how it works.

    If I do not enter a starting point, there will be no optimized route. I have to enter a starting point in line with the first waypoint. That may be the actual starting point a an random choozen one.

    It may be an enhancement op Free Navigator when I choose to optimise that the actual position automaticaly/temporary would be the startingpoint.

    But I am already happy I found out how it works.

    Erik, the Netherlands.

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