Customised traffic camera sounds
  • Hi, just started using Navigator 11 free, was previously using Quo mapping to run OS maps to navigate as I do trail riding in the UK and use a Loox N560 with gps to show the legal greenlanes we ride.

    Problem is that its quite difficult to plan routes and follow routes on a PDA in the conditions we ride and also difficult as the system does not track up (rotate map in direction of travel)

    Navigator 11 free offers a solution for me, and have been well impressed by the mapping it provides under OSM . So far I have managed to create points from our .kml databases, on the OS maps they are marked as lines but couldn't seem to actually create this on Navigator but the red circles marked on the lane ends serve the purpose. These points appear under the camera sources menu and can be selected to sound a warning rather than having to squint at a screen while trying to find the entrance to a track, the idea being that by having a blue tooth earpiece I will be able to hear this warning on a motorcycle.

    What I would like is to be able to load a message rather than just a sound using espeak .wav that way the message can be customised by the user rather than just a sound. Could a function allowing the import of sounds be added?
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  • you are free to replace the original wav-files by your own...

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