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  • Myself and my friends who are using android navigator (any version) are unable to get nightmode to work either as "always on" or "Automatic mode". Does anyone else have this problem? If so please comment as it is my only issue I have with an otherwise excellent app.
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  • There is a different menu in settings called "mapcolor" or so. Could be, that "night" is set there to day colors.
  • Hi Oldie, thanks for your input. I have checked this on my own phone and friends phones. Night mode does not work for any of us.
  • I think what Oldie says is that you should go to Settings/Map Colours/Night and make shure that Night is ticked
  • Hi Tomas. Yes I fully understand what oldie has said. Night colours have always been set to night or default.
  • Is it just map scheme problem? or your phone doesn't switch to the car/night mode?
  • Hi Petrs (or anybody). What is this "car mode" you talk about? I have never seen this. I think you might be onto a possible solution.

  • Well normal gui has some bright colors (depends on android version/manufacturer) ie first screenshot, but if you turn night mode on or automatic (location/time/timezone based), it should have darker colors and icon of steering wheel should appear in the tray, that means phone is in the car mode which is necessary to turn on night mode ie second screenshot.


  • Thanks Petrs. I have never seen this "car mode" icon in the tray. I presume navigator automatically switches "car mode" on, or do I have to select this in the phones menu? Also I never realised that "night mode" also changes the GUI from black text on white to white text on a black background. It seems that my problem is that my phone never enters "car mode". Any thoughts on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi noddy, yes navigator should switch "car mode" on or android system if you put your phone into car dock. I would like to know what's your phone, is it stock/custom rom and android version and could you ask your friend for same info please? Eventually you could try another app which uses night mode and see if it works.
  • Hi Petrs, I cannot find any way on my phone to turn "car mode" on. It does not exist in menus where others say it is. However I downloaded "InDrive" off play store and now night mode works! I don't use a car dock as my HTC Explorer (A310e ver.2.3.5 stock) sits safe in front of my dash between speedo and tacho and never moves. I will ask friends for similar details tomorrow. Thanks for your and Oldies help.

     p.s. I would prefer navigator turned on car mode itself as this app freezes my phone sometimes and requires a restart.

  • If you go to Settings; Vehicle Profiles then set up as Car. On my Xperia X10 it then defaults to 'Car Mode' every time it is used. Car Mode in this instance is just how the routing is set up and not the Android Car Home mode as in the link given above

    A night colour scheme is available as above although personally I don't use it as it is a horrible brown colour, why something like dark greys or deep blues aren't used I don't know
  • you can manually edit to change colours - take backup first
  • Petrs
    Yes read this thread; my comments were to establish if Noddy was talking about Car Mode in terms of the vehicle profile or Car Mode as in the Android meaning when the device is inserted in a car dock.

    I am afraid that the links you posted are way too technical for me

    I would be interested how to edit the colour scheme as Tomas suggested but have no idea how I would do that. On TomTom there was this app which was a doddle to use

    I contribute quite a bit to Openstreetmap and if someone with the technical ability could come up with some alternative colour schemes and post examples that would be great.

  • Tomas, you mentioned you can edit the colour schemes, how do you do that? If you are talking about code and things then that is way above me. If however it is something you can do with an app like this one for ToTom then that would be great

    The alternative would be if someone with the coding skills could create and post some examples that would be terrific.
  • I tried to email you map editor, but it keeps bouncing back, do you have an alternative email address?
  • Hi Petrs. Thanks for your reply. At the moment I know my phone has "car mode" but navigator is not able to activate it whereas lots of car apps from playstore can. The links you sent I presume allow it to be turned on by editing code but that is beyond me at present. However with a little help I will try to learn. Can you suggest where to start? Thanks.
  • Hi noddy, these are actual functions we call in navigator.
  • Tomas
    Have changed the email address on my forum account; if you can try again that would be marvellous of you. Thanks
  • Tomas
    Thank you, received the editor. I've had a quick play, still trying to figure out how to find and change the Night colour scheme.

    Many thanks

  • Update; worked out that if one copies the file album - style file - and ope that with notepad. I renamed the scheme Night mode as follows
          <name tr="yes">Night mode United Kingdom (large fonts)</name>

    Then through trial and error went through and created my own entries for the different colours using an HTTML code chart. Suggest you do one bit at a time, reload it onto your device and try it.

    I'll be quite happy to share it if I am allowed to do so with the usual disclaimer that you should do a back up and cannot be held responsible

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