Wrong altitude in GPS Info in Navigator FREE
  • I noticed that the altitude shown in GPS Info and recorded in NMEA files in Navigtaor FREE on Android seems to be wrong. For example I always get an altitude of about 460 m at home whereas the correct altitude would be about 415 m. Interestingly another Android app (GPS Test) shows the correct altitude.

    Is there anything to configure or might this be a bug in the calculation of the altitude? Thanks for any hint.
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  • I have to correct what I wrote yesterday. The problem only occurs in GPS Info whereas the correct altitude is written to the NMEA files.

    I suppose that all this has to do with the translation of WGS84 coordinates. In the NMEA file I can see that there is a correction value for the altitude (geoidal separation value). The altitude without that correction value is the correct one ("above mean sea level") and GPS Info seems to add the correction value which in my case leads to a too high altitude.

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