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  • I selected "english" as language on the program that gets installed on PC, but then when setting up on windows phone it starts asking some questions in (I think) Spanish and I end up with Spanish. I rechecked the language choice and reinstalled on phone with same result.

    Everything is in english until it asks for a license key and I get around that without putting in a license key and it asks if I want to use "gratis" version. 
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  • Hi Jeff,
    If it is Spanish, go to Menu/Configuracion/Aplicacion/Idioma and select English.
  • Thanks!  After first accidentally going from Spanish to Frenh I've got english now and figured out how to do a couple things with it. 

    Now if I could just figure out how to exit it. All I seem to be able to do is minimize it.
  • The only thing I could figure out was to go to task manager and select Navigator 12 and end program. I found the help file and it appears I have not been able to get to the second screen on the menu. 

    Everything but "EXIT" shows up, the last icon being the minimize one. 
  • Okay, I can now swipe to the second screen to get the exit icon.

    Thanks again tomas for getting past the apparent language glitch. 

    Now to download some additional maps...

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