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  • Hi, what is the differenz quality of maps between OSM-maps and TomTom-maps. Especely Greek. Thanks
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  • TomTom maps are more consistent in routing attributes and therefore more likely to give you correct routes. Coverage is also, in my view, better.
  • Thanks for your answer. I'm going to Faliraki in Rhodos. On the OSM-Maps there are not a lot of streets with names. On my car-Navi (older Version!) there are no street-names in Faliraki. Would there bee more streetnames on the new tomtom Version ?
  • The mapping used is from www.openstreetmap.org which is available to all and can also be edited by all.

    This has advantages in that contributors to the mapping (such as myself) can update maps using local knowledge; I understand that Navigator maps are updated from the global update every month (correct me if I am wrong) so any updates should take a maximum of 2 months before they are available for download - and all for free.

    The disadvantage is that when updating maps on OSM one does have to be mindful of attributes, for example roundabouts; there were two on a route that were graphically accurate but the roundabout attributes on OSM had not been set so the voice navigation took it as being a continuous road.

    Basically you need to decide what level of effort and/or expense is best for you.

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