VAT charge for outside Europe?
  • Interested in buying the commercial version of Navigator, but notice that the VAT charge isn't removed for a non-European purchase. Why? All other web purchases I've made from Europe have removed the VAT component....

    Also, are maps for Australia available?

    Hmmmm :^\

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  • vat can be refunded, on request, on purchases higher then 50 euros
    Australia map from TomTom is not available at this moment
  • Thanks Tomas.

    Seems like it would be easier not to charge it in the first place for orders from outside the EU, but I assume it has something to do with the payment client. Would you be able to credit back a card?

    Re the Australia maps, does "at this moment" mean "soon" or "don't hold your breath"?
  • refund would be done according to payment method
    'at the moment' means not available now - we would be able to give you more information in one month time
  • Sent you an Email re a refund, but it must have gone astray. I did purchase the full version, so what's my next step towards getting a return of the Euro zone VAT?
  • I cannot find your order, please provide order ID
  • Invoice # 1206/00530, Order number 4049, Invoice date 28/12/12. Please let me know if you need a copy of the invoice!


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