Tomtom maps in Android Navigator
  • Hi --

    First let me complement you on an excellent product.

    One question, though.  I have installed the Android version of Tomtom on my Samsung smart phone together with the maps covering Australia.  The Tomtom application is better in some respects but overall I prefer using Navigator.  There does appear to be an option of using the Tomtom maps in Navigator but I'm unable to work out how to do this.

    How can I use the Tomtom maps with Navigator?

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  • Hi,

    If you go to map manager you should have the icon to buy maps. When you have bought them, you go in the settings, under APPLICATION you can choose if you use the free OSM ot TomTom maps. 



  • Hi Stu --

    Thanks for the response.  But I'm still having difficulties.

    When I try to get the Tomtom map into Navigator I get a screen saving that is is only possible with the paid version of Navigator (I wasn't even aware there was a paid Android version), then it asks me to purchase the Tomtom map, then I find there is actually no Tomtom map of Australia listed for purchase.

    I have Android Navigator installed.
    I have Tomtom installed with the map of Australia.
    Is it possible to get Navigator to read the installed Tomtom map?

    The last thing I want to do is purchase a map that I already have.

  • Only maps purchased from Mapfactor will work in Mapfactor software. The same applies to all Navigation software providers, the format and structure of map files are different. So you cannot use TomTom maps purchased from TomTom in Mapfactor Navigator and vice versa.

    At this moment Mapfactor does not produce maps of Australia based on TomTom map data.

  • Hi Tom -- thanks for the explanation.

    Would it be fair to assume, though, that you guys take a TomTom map, run it through an application and out pops a Navigator map?  If so, can it be assumed that you pay royalties to TomTom for each map sold?

    If that is the case I can understand you not wanting to release the application, even though it's a bit of a bummer for those who already have TomTom maps.

  • it is not that simple - TT supplies map data in raw (database) format and we have to process this data from scratch. Each navigation software company process this data differently, so it is not possible to take map from a finished TT product and convert it.
  • Hi,

    I'd buy the paid version and Australian tomtom maps if you decide to convert them. - Ian

  • Hi Smithian, at this moment we have no contract for Australia, sorry.
  • I would be interested to purchase the tom-tom maps as well. 
    Do the free maps have house numbers? Looks like not to me, only intersections.
    By the way, I could neither sign up using Facebook or Google ID
  • just heard from TomTom, they say they cannot supply it to us

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