Built-in POI icons too small to see when navigating
  • When in the Navigate mode on a smartphone, the built-in POI icons are too small to be distinguishable when the smartphone is mounted on a windshield.  I have tried increasing the Icon size parameter in the Settings\Map Customization\Map Scale menu to the maximum, but that is still not large enough.  Even at the maximum size settings, the icons are barely visible against the map background.  They are certainly too small to be able to tell what icon is shown without leaning forward and getting close to the screen; not a safe way to drive.

    The built-in icons are at a large size when just looking at the map (navigation stopped).  The problem may be the default shrink factor used for the built-in icons.  When installing custom POIs using DiggerQT, I have found that the default shrinking ratio of 50 results in the same behavior as seen with the built-in icons.  With navigation stopped the icons are large, and with navigation turned on the icons are very small.  I have found that using a shrinking ratio of about 20 results in a more uniform icon size between navigation off and navigation on.

    Is there a way to change the shrinking ration of the built-in icons?  Why would the built-in icons be defaulted to such a large size difference between navigation off and on?

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  • This is still an issue.

    Furthermore, the displayed size of my personal POI icons is now also too small to be recognizable when navigating.

    I have used 63x63 pixel icons for 5+ years with the default scaling settings in DiggerQT and they were fine. Now, even with increasing the scaling in DiggerQT and the Icon Size setting at maximum in the Map Scale menu, I cannot make out either my personal POI icons or built-in POI icons when navigating with the phone mounted on the windshield.

    Text of road names is also too small to be readable even with the Text Size setting at maximum.

    Now using Pixel 6A With Android 13.
  • Note that on my phone's display, text when set to maximum size is approximately 1.5 mm tall. As I mentioned, too small to read from 1 meter away.
  • Just because I'm curious: how do POIs look like on your device? For me it's like this:



  • Hi JambaFee, your images show up as placeholders in the comments.

    My 63x63 POI icons are about 2 mm square in the farther section of the 3-D map view when navigating, and they grow to about 3 mm in the foreground. Still too small to easily distinguish between different icons.
  • Your icons and position marker are larger than what I am seeing.

    The built-in icons are especially small; it appears that their shrink factor is fairly large and so they become tiny on the screen.

    The icons are smaller the farther away they are shown from the present location (higher on the screen). With them so small, one cannot see if any POI of interest is approaching. By the time they are large enough to possibly distinguish, it's too late and there's not enough time to react before driving past.

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