Android Auto new route problem
  • I am having a problem with the Navigator app with Android Auto.
    When I enter a destination and want to change it while driving, it does not work. It finds the address and shows the alternative routes. However, when the new destination is selected, it loads the route indefinitely.
    If I disconnect from the car, open the app on my smartphone, and delete the route under Routeinfo, I can re-enter a new route through Android Auto.
    Android Auto is running on a 2018 Mercedes C220 (Android Auto without touch).
    It uses OSM.
    Online search, alternative routes, and remove ads were purchased.
    My phone is a OnePlus 9 Pro running Android 13. The current application version is 7.3.24.
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  • Unfortunately, the route cannot be cleared using voice commands or interface controls :(
  • I have good news.
    It seems to have something to do with the Android Auto app.
    I installed the beta version of Android Auto 9.5.1317.
    With this version, I no longer have the problem.
    I hope this information helps someone.
  • I got the error again on a different car. However, by enabling the infotainment system in the Android Auto application (developer mode must be enabled in Android Auto), I was finally able to fix the error.
  • On another car, I experienced the issue once more.  doodle jump
  • I am having a similar problem. Candy Crush

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