Very slow startup - MapFactor 7.3.21 on Android 13
  • Hello, I'm using MapFactor Navigator with free OSM maps on a Samsung Note 10 Lite (SM-N770F).
    The phone's RAM and persistent storage are not near exhaustion.
    Using the app, I downloaded free OSM Maps for most European countries and have them stored on a 400GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I A1 Class 10 U1 card.
    The app works but there is a very annoying ~90sec "sleep" period after I click "use free maps" on startup.

    I migrated the app and the maps from an older phone (indeed I first copied the map data from an older and smaller microSD card on this occasion, but Navigator did not find them so I installled all maps completely anew.

    Any ideas how to get rid of this long pause, or at least how to find its cause?
    Best, te0006
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  • My first approach would be clearing data and cache and then run the built-in scan to check for corrupted map data. If this doesn't help try not to migrate MFN but do a completely new installation by using the newest version and latest maps.
  • After clearing cache and data the maps on the SD card were not found or recognized. So I had MFN install new maps (to the SD card again), this time only for five countries instead of whole Europe. "Startup sleep" is down to 15sec now but I'm afraid this is only because of the reduced number and volume of map data packages. I'm not enthusiastic. Too bad, MFN has been a good (and my favorite) OSM app for many years.
  • With clearing data You also delete Your maps, no wonder they weren't found any more. :-)

    MFN is running fine on both s5 and S9+ phones with maps of complete Europe here. It's definitely not the app. The only thing that's slowing remarkably down with a increasing bunch of maps is address search.

    I strongly recommend to do to a complete fresh install of the app. Besides faulty maps this will also exclude corrupted user data files like routing points.xml and favorites.xml which are also loaded on startup. If then all is running fine again, You may reimport Your user files one by one until the bastard is found.
  • I had installed MFN 7.2.23 from the APK, albeit without uninstalling the previous version before doing that. Does this count as a fresh install anyway or could uninstalling first have made a difference?
    If my situation counts as a fresh install, the only remaining explanation would be that my SD card causes the slowdown and might be dying, correct?
  • sorry I meant 7.3.21
  • Go and push it to internal memory with the built-in option, You will immediately see whether it's better or worse than on SD.

    My experience with SD's is they run or die immediately. Never had knowledge of SD's dying slowly.

    An MFN update like You did is not the same as a fresh install because some user files will not be overwritten. So do a backup to preserve Your settings, places and routes, have a look to the directory where MFN was residing and delete eventually remaining files. Then do a fresh install and look what will happen after having downloaded some maps. I bet MFN will now start without a hang. If so, copy back Your user files - important - one by one and do a restart after each copy. When MFN pauses again during starting up the last copied file is the corrupted one.

    I recently hat a similar problem with a wrong indexed routing_points.xml.and MFN running on SD. Each time the app accessed routing_points.xml the file system on SD was completely destroyed so that the phone didn't recognize it any more.
  • Well the app itself is stored in Internal Storage (and I don't think storing apps on SD is even possible on recent versions of Android). What do you mean with the "built option"?
    But wait, do you perhaps say that having the maps on SD is known to cause long startup delays these days?
    This has not been my experience with MFN earlier, at all.
    I had had my maps on SD for ages, and MFN always started up in under 10sec. What is the matter here?
  • On mine startup lasts about 7 secs with MFN on a SD which I formerly used in GoPro for recording video.

    MFN's settings offer an option to push it from internal memory to SD and vice versa, it's not an Android option. When moving MFN, not only maps are concerned but all MFN (user-) files You can actually see on SD. So check the appropriate directory on SD and look what has remained after having pushed the app to internal memory: nothing!

    So finally do the push and check out the difference in startup time, nothing will happen Your data, the only difference is having no access to MFN files any more. That's why it makes sense to run it from SD. If startup is remarkable better You simply have a slow SD, which - I hope so - was formatted in Your phone as external memory.
  • Other approach:

    MOVE Your routing_points.xml and favorites.xml to another save place and fire up MFN, it will create new empty ones. Is startup quicker now?

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