Departure, Waypoint and Destination titles
  • The Departure, Waypoints and Destination icons on the map are shown with a textbox that shows the name and address.  Those textboxes can get quite large (in some instances going across half of the screen) and tend to cover up a portion of the route when shown in the Route Detail or Overall Route views.  Is there a way to turn off those textboxes?
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  • Hello Alan

    One way around this is to go to Routing Points / Select the Item / Select Rename and then delete the contents of the name box - or abbreviate it to a suitable length.

    This will mean doing it for each item individually, but it provides a 'work around' until the option you require is added - if it ever is of course.



    Fred F.
  • Tried it on a trip to NYC.  Good work-around;  hopefully not having the long text will be a feature soon.

    Thanks, Fred!

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