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    While it is possible to avoid driving on Toll Roads and through Charge Zones these usually apply to all vehicles. The new zone which are being introduced in several area in the UK are policed by ANPR cameras could be easy to miss until it is too late. I have a motorhome that is Euro 5 and complies with some zones but not all. The restriction can also apply differently according to weight so that vehicles over 3.5T pay more (or get fined much more). Do any of the maps Open Street, Tom-Tom or Truck Maps (I use the latter) currently recognise these area or is it something that is intended? The Introduction of the expanded ULEZ in London on 25th October has take many drivers by surprise. I would like Navigator to help me inadvertently straying into a chargeable area. Will this be possible?
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  • Are those zones permanently restricted or (as in France) depending on emissions/pollutants situation?
    With non-permanent restrictions you need much more than to know the zone borders and show them in the map.

    On an android device with online connection the green-zones app may help.

    Regards ...
  • Hi Roger
    I tried the GreenZones app a couple of years ago but found it at best - misleading and in some cases actually incorrect. I realise that it would be most difficult to include all the parameters to exclude a vehicle based on emissions and vehicle class. I would be happy to be able to include or exclude CAZ and ULEZ zones completely as can be done with toll roads. I do not expect any navigation program to inform me whether I am compliant just to ensure that I don't enter one by mistake. 

    More cities are beginning to charge vehicles that do not comply with the highest emission standards and a mistake could be costly especially if you are not aware that you have transgressed.   
  • Ok - having the borders marked (and possibly a warning symbol "Emission controlled zone ahead") would be a good feature, even if you have to stop and check the current status on an other way (smartphone or maybe radio data service).

    I never checked the green-zones app for accuracy - travelled France with an old motorbike far from good and simply kept away from all regions marked orange (pre-restriction-alarm) or red (restricted). No place I had to go there for any reason - when green-zones showed a red zone ahead, I chenged my direction ...

    Regards ...

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