What is "Allow Waypoint U-Turn"
  • I see this as an option, but the meaning of phrase is not obvious to me.

    I can't find any reference in the Help File.

    Can someone point me to, or give me a simple explanation please.


    Fred F.

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  • this is to do with waypoints - if you reach a waypoint you can either go back the way you arrived (allow u-turns) or, if this is prohibited, journey will continue in the direction you arrived
  • Hello Thomas

    Thanks for that - I just did some simple test routes and can see what you mean

    I didn't realize that U turn was not 'allowed' as default.

    I've been using PC N9 for a few years all over Europe Mainland and here in the U.K.

    This could explain many frustrating evenings 'blocking roads' and changing 'vehicle types' to be able to visit Ps.O.I.

    Certainly looks like a good facility


    Fred F.

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