Android 7.0.55 routing issue
  • I have just installed MF navigator 7.0.55 after using an old version for years.

    Entering a start and destination, calculated route and it decided to go to a random ferry port and back, Portsmouth for no obvious reason.

    Changed to a much longer journey from NW England to the south east and it routed via the Mersey ferry.

    I don't imagine this is some new feature.
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  • please send ogs from settings/advanced, we will check
  • I had deleted 7 and reinstalled 1.5 but that kept crashing whenever I went to navigation.

    So I reinstalled 7 and 1.5 several times and then deleted the cache and files. I even deleted some of the files manually. 1.5 continued to work but crashed on the navigation screen.

    Needing a working version I installed 3.0.125 which worked for my journey.

    I just reinstalled 7 and it is now working normally without needing to visit random ferry ports.

    A very odd bug. Maybe caused by the jump from 1.5 to 7.0 ?

  • more likely incorrect vehicle settings
  • I did check the vehicle settings but it's there one that says always use a ferry ?

    In the Portsmouth example it didn't even use the ferry is just went to the terminal and then routed back again.

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