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  • Hi guys, I have a request. (after Calculate Route return to previous zoom instead showing complete route)

    As an overlander I prepare my route in Navigator long before we head off. I hardly never use only a Destination point. When I prepare a route I do set a Destination point ofcourse and let the system Calculate a Route. After that I start adding quite a few Routing Points to force the calculated route leading me over exactly the roads I wanna drive. For our next trip the route counts more than 80 Route Points. In the proces of adding Route Points I let the system reguarly re-Calculate the Route to help me creating the correct Route. After the Calculate the screen always returns with showing the complete route. Next step for me is every time to zoom in and try to find the part of the route where I added one or more Route Points to check. Not so happy with that. Here is my request:

    Would it be possible after every Route calculate to return to the map screen zoom level as it was just before the Route Calculation instead of zooming out completely to show the complete route on the screen?

    With regards

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  • I second this!
    This is also an issue when you are navigating but need to temporarily leave the map. Once you return to the map, you need to tap several times onto the symbol to restore the previous zoom level. Really bad while driving.

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