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  • I use TTS-Engine for a long time and not the internal voice of MacFactor. I have installed "Acapala TTS" here, and it worked perfect until newest update. Now i only can choose between samusng-text-to-speech and internal voice! Why? Before update i was able to select voices from my TTS App (Acapela TTS). In Android Settings of course I have selected this Text-to-speech App as default - it works well but in newest MapFactor Navigator.
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  • I tried now. Uninstalled MapFactor 7 and reinstalled version 6. Text-to-speech worked again as it should. Retried to make update to 7 - Text-to-speech did not work anymore as it should.

    As soon as iIhave Version 7 installed, it does not take the default text-to-speech engine as defined in android. Not the installed "Acapela TTS" nor the "Google Text-To-Speech". It just allows me to select "Samsung Text-To-Speech". 

    For me it seems, that MapFactor 7 does not take care of what is set as default under android and just takes the first in the list (which is samsung Text-To-Speech). 

    I went back again to version 6 and it works. I will not update to 7 until this bug is repared. I'm using Navigator FREE with payed plugins/externsions. 

    I'm using MapFactor on a Samsung S6 Lite 10.1 Tablet with newest system updates (not rooted). I'm NOT using Android Auto.
  • Hi, I tried to install an alternative text to speech engine (Vocalizer TTS), I have downloaded a voice, set the engine as default in Android system settings and I have found it in Navigator's Navigation voice dialog (Silent - Recorded voices - Vocalizer TTS). Could you make sure your desired default TTS engine is set correctly? I can find it in Language&Keyboard - Text-to-speech output - Preferred engine
  • I installed Google and eSpeak, Samsung was already installed
    Navigator offer engine I selected as 'preferred' in Android settings/general/text-to-speech output

    Android v9, Navigator v7.0.46
  • As I wrote: Returning to Version 6 of Navigator it works again perfect with Acapela TTS and this also works in all other apps. As soon as I update to Version 7 of Navigator it does not work anymore. I do not want to go to another Text-To-Speech engine only because Version 7 of Navigator is buggy. In Acapela TTS i have payed voices. So I will stay on Version 6 of Navigator until the bug is repaired. Again: I'm using it on a Samsung S6 Lite 10.1 Tablet, where the samsung-text-to-speech is installed and cannot be removed. It doesn't matter which text-to-speech enginge I select as default under Android - in Navigator 7 it does only offer me samsung-text-to-speech to select!
  • Acapela is not free, so I did not test it
    but all others work when I select 'preferred' TTS engine, it may be that 'default' does not have the same effect as 'preferred'?
  • You testet on a samsung s6 lite 10.1 tablet? all others may act different.
  • There must be difference in handling text-to-speech in navigator 7 compared to navigator 6, otherwise it would not react different.

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