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  • I'm using Free Navigator on my samsung S6 Lite 10.1 Tablet,. Since newest Update of MapFactor Navigator I can only select Samsung-Text-To-Speech engine and not anymore Google text-to-speech or my installed one (Acapela TTS). Even I have set this engine as default in Android, MapFactor only gives me Semsung-Text-To-Speech in the list to select. It seems that software just lets me select first engine in android list and not the default one of TTS-Engines available. In other apps it works fine. Any solution?
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  • how is it set in Android?
  • Acapela TTS ist set as default Text-To-Speech Engine in Android. I uninstalled version 7 of mapFactor and reinstalled version 6. Now it is working again. Seems to be a bug in version 7? 
  • I will try to update again to version 7, maybe something went wrong with the update? If still not working i will again go back to 6 and will not do the update to version 7
  • Now I tried again to update to version 7. Same problem again. I can only select samsung text-to-speech even doh acapela TTS is the default text-to-speech in android. It also does not work if i set google text-to-speech in android as default. It always gives me just posibility to select samsung text-to-speech. Seems that mapfactor software does not handle default text-to-speech engine correct and just uses the first one in the list - which is samsung text-to-speech. hope there will be a solution soon. I'm using Navigator FREE with payed plugins/extensions.

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