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  • Tested the new version today and it is indeed getting better.
    However I have the follow issues:
    1. The "next street" is not displayed with the direction or anywhere on the map. This is like driving blindly since I am accustomed to that feature.
    2. When the map is in the background instructions are shown on the lower bar. however the information such as "next street" and distance never changes meaning it is static.
    Hope to have these fixed soon 
  • 7.0.14 
    1. maneuver text replaced by street name
    2. car notification updating bug fixed  
  • 7.0.15
    1. route is removed after destination is reached - bug fix
    2. notification removed after disconnecting from Android Auto - bug fix
  • Encountered a few issues today as per below:

       1. Started a new trip, after completing a trip, but no textual or audio directional instructions only the route outline.

       2. Still have old route on map after it is completed

       3. No speed limit display.
  • Hi Filip,
    The bug of blue panel indicating the wrong direction is not fixed.
  • Route is removed from car screen when destination reached but MFN crashing on phone after disconnecting from car is still there.
  • Hi,
    No TTS sound but the music is well cut.
    The navigation arrow tilts to the left approximately 20 degrees.
    The sound is still too low.
  • Could you all confirm this behaviour like in the record below?
    Route should be properly cleared out of map once destination is reached like in standard mobile MFN.

    Yep, arrow is slightly deformed

  • I can confirm. Final few metres remain on screen even though destination reached message is received. I think this is why app continues to run on phone/crashes when disconnected from car.
  • 7.0.16
    - corrupted launching while disconnecting from AA
    - position in 2D mode in the center of visible area (center of the "right" half)
    new feature:
    - signposts implemented
    known bugs:
    - signposts scaling
    - map scaling issue when opening MFN in AA and in smartphone later on and vice versa
    - shifted arrow
    - software rendering
  • Hi FIlips,

    I am not working for MF anymore but let me give you one hint about the shifted arrow:
    As I remember the GPS arrow is rendered in 2D coordinates because with 3D coordinates it was shaking.
    I see you managed to render it with offset but you do it before the perspective projection which makes it shifted.
    The easiest fix would be to remove your offset and render it like this:
    glViewport(offsetInPx, 0, screenWidth, screenHeight);
    glViewport(0, 0, screenWidth, screenHeight);

    Hopefully this helps.
  • Hi,
    unable to import Gpx files.

    Edit :
    I found it was a file explorer problem, sorry
  • MFN v7.0.16. 
    1) Phone still not closing MFN app after disconnecting vehicle from AA.
    2) MFN Speed limit not shown on vehicle screen.
    3) Speed alerts not sounding in vehicle even though navigation voice is OK. Camera .mca files are downloaded & in same folder as maps. Alerts are set in MFN settings.
    4) Still not showing digger created .mca POI files on MFN on phone. Files are stored in same folder as maps.

  • Lubos: Thank you for help, I found another solution using lookAt method of Matrix, it is efficient as well.
  • Hey guys can anyone walk me through getting this to show on my Ford while running android auto. I do not see the app under android auto settings.
  • Cmatta88 - App should be in the list in Android Auto-Settings-Custom Launcher. You must be running Mapfactor v.7.*.* to see this.

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