Navigator and Map Explorer Routing Points are to big (v. 20.0.1)
  • I want print out a hiking map, but this big routing points make it impossible.
    How to export a route as gpx?
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  • Under "My Places" --> "My Routes" you can tap on a route and choose "Share as GPX".
  • Thanks for the information, this works only in the Android-Version. But synchrinizing the PC with the Android is no problem.

    My solution was: I made with CRU a custom-resolution 4k with 3840x2160 LCD reduced (This is a hyper resolution for my monitor, but the monitor can display it anyway. And the 4k Resolution was good for printing the route after i made on android all Texts bigger in color sheme editor and synchronizing

    A better solution: Exporting images with user defined resolutions and changing the Text size of the Routing Points (maybe only on the android and saved in should be possible.

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