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  • Hi,
    I would like to know something about the update intervall of the OSM maps. My german map is dated from 15.4.2020. In the past the maps would be updated in shorter cyles like 3 weeks or so. The problem is, that a lot of people are working on the maps in Germany and blocked streets are featured. That will be a problem at longer update cycles.
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  • normally monthly, but there is a delay due to lockdown
    about half has been released this month, it wan't be long
  • And with the map of Poland? After all, it's from mid-December (roads) ....
  • Hi,
    did someone get an update?
  • Most of my maps (Austria and neighbours, Croatia, Greece, Danmark) are from April, Sweden is from January. Only french maps are up to date.
  • Hi,
    I do not really understand what the problem is to convert the original OSM file to the mapfactor specific one. It is only a job on an ever running server.
    Isn't it possibe to convert it by everyone else?
    Set the source to open source and we will find an folunteer.
  • The OSM files will be updated every 2 days.
  • do you realise how much data it is, it is not possible to do it in two days
  • Even though the software is basically free, that does not mean, that it is open source. The same applies to the maps, which have a proprietary format.

    I suppose we have to accept that, since there is no right to get this free and open. Even more not from a company, which has to earn money from their commercial products.

    Updates were more frequently available some years ago, I think, this is a fact.

    But we can assume, that Mapfactor do what they can in order to get the maps as smoothly as possible. It is also in their interest to produce maps with minimum efforts. If there are problems nevertheless, I assume, that they have technical problems to overcome. And certainely they are working on this, as they need the maps for their commercial products as well.

    There have been some technical changes during the past months, which probably have accumulated some problems with regard to map creation. So give them some time (not days or weeks but quite some months) to overcome these problems.
  • My personal opinion, we should be happy for still frequent updates.
    At least me I don't need monthly updates. And even if they would be monthly I'm only updating at most every three months.
    Which is still frequent compared e.g. to the map updates in my car, which I had to pay for. And they come at most once a year.

  • I do not want to explain all details here, but we are working hard to resolve this
    map data have grown substantially and we need to make smaller regions, like France
    but this is bigger issue then you would think as we have to make structual changes
    so please be patient
  • Hi,
    the problem is not the update interval. New streets and other changes are not really essentual.
    The problem is, that more and more OSM users updates closed roads while constructions are made.
    All this closed roads are 1:1 moved to the Mapfactor OSM maps.
    With this background it is very important to update the maps in a minimum 1-2 weaks rhythm. Because you get diversition routes to drive that are not necessary.
    A workarround could be not to map the temporary closed roads to Mapfactor. But I think it is an nice feature while online traffic jams are not available.

  • if you have recources, i.e. circa ten mega powerfull servers, then we will use them
  • With Openandromaps it is like this:

    "ACHTUNG: Auf Grund einer Produktionszeit von gut 6 Tagen wird die Gesamtkarte von Deutschland nur mehr alle 3 Monate aktualisiert"

    6 days for just one map (of course a quite big one, approx. 3 GB)

    I have no idea, why it is like this. But I accept, that it takes quite some efforts to create maps from OSM data.
  • I am OK with my workarround. But with temporary closed roads included it is unusable.

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