Scotland Map not showing.
  • Updated UK map and Scotland not showing (Country invisible). Is there a fix? Moto C Plus. Android 7.0. Navigator version 5.0.63. (New version fonts are too small and search very poor).
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  • I think you need also a new navigator version.
    Current one is 6.0.188

  • New version is unuseable due to unable to increase font size and search does not work as well as the Google online search which is not available in the latest version. Is there a way to download the previous map version?
  • font size adjustment has not changed
    Google search will not work in any version shortly, a low cost alternative is available in v6
  • That is sad to hear as Mapfactor Navigator usedt to work very well. Something must have changed regarding font sizes as the previous version, 5.0.63 has no issues in Android 6.0, 6.01 and 7.0. The Free search is quite unusable as it rarely finds the destination.searched for. I shall sadly have to try Here Maps or other alternatives.

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