route color still pale yellow
  • Navigator Free for Windows 19.3 has the same bug as 19.2. If you set up a route and start navigation the color is still pale yellow and hard to read. If you start the simulation of this route it's color is ok, it's purple as in 19.1. Is it possible to change this or will this be fixed in further versions?
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  • I try some other arrow colors to make it better to use, like:

  • Hello Pidie,

    Thanks for your suggestions but I would like to have the route-color the same color as before, kind of purple. My problem is when I change <route_color>9903FB</route_color> in settings.xml in section <NAV> to other values, the route-color doesn't change, it stays pale yellow. Is there a different way to change this?

    Thanks again,

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