Navigator 19 free crashes when starting
  • Hi all,
    I have just installed Nav 19.3 free version but when it starts up it immediately crashes.  The log ends with the following -
    DMP 2020/06/02 20:46:49 PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: map view initialised - 0.453 secs
    DMP 2020/06/02 20:46:49 PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: UOM constructed - 0.453 secs
    DMP 2020/06/02 20:46:49 __except-ion handling (hard crash)
    I have been using 17 until now without any problems.
    Any ideas on what the cause might be? OS is Windows 10. Have tried reinstalling a couple of times but no change.
    Thanks for any help!

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  • possibly corrupted map file?
  • Hi Tomas,
    Thanks for your suggestion.I don't think it is a map file problem. I copied all the map files across from V17 and the log file seems to report that the maps were loaded ok. Lines like this for each map file -
    DMP 2020/06/02 20:46:49 earth_osm                       : data version=44, data creation=201906200, vendor id=1, license id=0, path='C:\ProgramData\Navigator\19.3\Data\earth_osm.mca\'

    Looking at the log file for V17 (which works ok) the line in the log file where it crashes is -
    PROFILER: (TS) loadMapResources: AccessorTmcEvent constructed - 0.516 secs

    Thanks again,

  • it is best to send logs to support

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