How to buy Premium Features without google account?
  • I paid for MegaPack some time ago and it was linked to semi-fake google account. Now with my new device I decided not to create a google account but would like to support your company and development of the Navigator.

    Tell me, how to buy a Mega Pack or promo code to activate features?

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    I am also interested in a payment method outside of Google.
    I would never do any financial transaction through Google.


  • Good people, I really want to pay you some money. Yes, you are right this is not a lot of cash but still...

    Why not add MapFactor maga pack to your online store and let us buy the freaking promo code?

  • I wonder if this is allowed by Google? They want the payment through Google playstore if there is an app offered on playstore.
  • it is not possible, in fact, all sales must go through Google from version 6

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