Bug on beta version (6.0.91 armeabi-v7a)
  • Hi !

    With this new version, when on map view, the value of the panels is not on correct position, but in front of the small icon.  Have a look there : 


    HTC 7 Android 6.0

    Otherwise, still the best GPS software I ever see !!

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  • I think, this is as it should be. Unit quantities are shown in the same field as the unit. The Line below indicates the location, where you are. In your screen, unit quantities are "flowing" into the units, because you have to many fields?
  • Sorry, but I don't agree with !  On my scrrenshoot, I'm stopped...  0km/h.  When I'm riding, I can't read my speed, even altitude.
    And 5 panels are not too much when you are navigating...  I know that the bottom line is for the location, but the blue rectangle should be a little bigger and the values should be down the icons.
  • You should actually follow the official development thread about the V6, the "Test of Android version 6.0.x". It will be more consistent (and your bug will not disappear if lots of other topics are posted).

    When using your phone in landscape it works fine.
    I agree that Navigator should better "auto-size" the fields OR it should simply limit the number of fields. It should not do it like this.

    Edit: What is the resolution of your unit? and what character size do you use?
    My motorola G6 plus with 1080x2160 does correcty display the 5 fields in portrait mode.
    My Joying car head unit at 1280x720 can only display in landscape mode and works fine as well.

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