TomTom maps wouldn't update system froze. reinstalled program now progam has glitch.
  • Last week, I tried to updated my tomtom maps on my android tablet. Somehow things got corrupted and I had to uninstall the whole program. After I reinstalled with the newest version  (5.5.105arm 64) to my SD card. Also got both the OSM and TOMTOM maps installed. The program and maps come up as they should, but now having one problem; Some of  the bottom custom panel a couple features are not working. The Current Journey Distance and Current Journey time along with the Average speed do not work. I have set the panel to include each of them and the indicator doesn't move from 0.0
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  • you need to set odometer on
  • Thanks, I'll try that tomorrow. I really like the program  Been using it for years. Never had that problem before. 

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