Missing Route on OSM-Germany map
  • In Germany between Versmold and Halle (Westf.) the A33 is already build and opened. That part of the A33 is not existing  in actual German OSM-map.

    Could someone please forward this Info to the map-developers? Thanks
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  • I can confirm your finding.

    On OSM itself everything is up-to-date; the Autobahn section has been "opened" on OSM last December. Please check here: Link.
    The German Navigator map is dated February 2020. 2 months after an OSM change I would also expect to find the update in the Navigator maps, but if I remember it correctly, 2 months are on the edge of the "update tolerancy" for Navigator maps, and probably we should simply wait for the German maps update.

  • With latest map-update, A33 is kompleted - so its all fine.  Thanks

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